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What if I haven’t done my taxes for X years?

Please don’t panic, it’s never as bad as you imagine.
Come for a free consultation to explore your options and get on top of your fears of the taxman. It is our job and our expertise to help you, and we can.

Will this be expensive?

Entertaining Taxes prides itself on being fair and affordable. Tax returns start at $330, which can be paid from the return we get for you. It is very important to us to ensure every client is 100% satisfied.

I think I’m facing fines for non-lodgement, I’m scared to address them!

Come in, we will talk about your personal situation. We will find a money-saving solution and address your tax debt in a way you understand and feel comfortable with.

What information do I need to come with?

Nothing for the first meeting! A simple list will be provided to you.

After our initial consultation. Don’t panic if you don’t have everything in order! We always work together to figure it out.

I’m so confused and have no idea about my finances?

Many people are! You are not alone and it is not your job to know the professional ins and outs of taxation and business. Call and make a consultation appointment. We guarantee to take the measures and make the plans necessary to leave you feeling confident and on top of your finances.

I’m self employed and need to do BAS but don’t know where to start?

It is very important to lodge your BAS on time as theATO are zoning in on tax fraud and non-compliance. However, we definitely understand that BAS is not something that comes naturally to many! There are simple solutions we can discuss to help you avoid fines. Once armed with the knowledge, BAS and issues associated with self employment become far less intimidating.

What if I can’t make it to your office?

Meetings are made as conveniently as possible for our clients. Cafe’s, workplaces, even home calls can be arranged.

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